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Wedding Invitations

Welcome to Ink Pretty Wedding Stationery & Calligraphy.  We represent more than 300 styles of wedding-invitations and wedding-cards from some of the top designers in the world. 

For information on wedding invitations in London and the UK please email hello@inkpretty.co.uk


Each of our brands offer a complete range of stationery including :  

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News 12th January 2009 : New William Arthur Wedding-Invitations Vol 2 Released!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of William Arthur’s beautiful new album of wedding-invitations.  The new album of exclusive wedding-invitations, WA Vol 2, contains a selection of more than 50 brand new wedding invitation types, from the world famous wedding invitation designer William Arthur.  For more information on invitations in London and the UK visit www.inkpretty.co.uk or email hello@inkpretty.co.uk

Further Information - William Arthur Wedding-Invitations :

William Arthur's signature white and ecru papers are custom-created and are ideal for wedding-invites and other fine art uses. Renowned for its substantial weight, smooth texture and high opacity, all wedding invitation paper is 100% acid-free, ensuring archival integrity for many years.

William Arthur envelopes, invitation covers and Bristol weight wedding-invite papers are 100% wood pulp (composed of premium hardwood and softwood fibers), and the text stationery is 75% wood pulp, 25% cotton. The exceptionally smooth finish achieved with wood pulp is considered by fine pen experts to be the ideal surface on which to write.

In producing the William Arthur wedding-invitations conscientious forest management is practiced by the paper companies to ensure sound environmental harvesting of this 100% renewable resource.

Futher Information - Wedding-Invites Print Methods

At inkpretty all of the wedding-invitations we offer in Ireland at our design studios in both Dublin and Cork, use the highest quality print methods available.  In particular we use Thermography Printing, Matte Thermography, UV Thermography, Copper Plate Engraving, Blind Embossing and Letterpress Printing. 

Wedding-Invitations printed using thermography print are dusted with a powder compound over the freshly printed thermography resign which is placed on the card.  After the excess powder is removed from the non printing area by vacuum the wedding-invitation passes under a heater which fuses the ink compound and causes it to swell or raise on the paper.  Thus the ink feels raised when touched, on the wedding-invitation.

As well as Thermography raised print wedding-invitations we offer Matte Thermography which is a duller or matte look finish, its a particularly powerful design feature with black matte thermography on an ecru card.  The colour produced is called Midnight and it forms a particularly elegant wedding invitation colour for any invitation but in-particular for wedding-invitations with a Black Tie dress code.

UV Thermography - UV thermography printing is generally used on stationery paper for use with home printers so the ink will not smudge or melt.  UV thermography produces a very similar result to regular thermography but in general it is not used as part of the wedding-invitation paper set.

Copper Plate Engraving - Inkpretty is pleased to offer Copper Plate Engraved wedding-invitations.  Wedding-cards produced by copper plate engraving are formed by the highest quality wedding-invitation print method available.  The text is cut into the copper plate. The copper engraving plate is then inked in the sunken areas of the plate. The wedding-invitations are pressed against the plate with tremendous pressure, drawing the ink from the plate and producing the characteristic indented impression on the back of the wedding-invitations.

Blind Embossing - Produces a beautiful effect particularly on wedding-invitation covers, mass-book covers, menus, thank you cards and other wedding-stationery.  It is similar to the engraving process, but without ink.  At inkpretty we work with clients to choose a typestyle and monogram that are suitable for blind embossing on all wedding-stationery and wedding-cards.

Letterpress Printing - Is one of the oldest forms of printing available and at inkpretty we are delighted to offer it in the Irish market; as a print method it is particularly suited to our cotton rich and heavy weight wedding-cards.  The text or image of the printing areas are raised above the non-printing areas of the plate. Ink touches only the the raised areas. The inked image is transferred deep into the paper causing a slight denting on the reverse side of the paper. Wedding-Invitations produced using letterpress printing always have a clean simple design feel to them with an elegant soft finish.

Futher Information -Vera Wang Wedding-Invitations

Ink Pretty is very excited to represent Vera Wang Fine Papers, bringing some of the worlds finest wedding-invitations.   Vera Wang has successfully brought the attributes she values most in her designs to her collection of Fine Papers and wedding-invitations, namely modernity, elegance, sophistication, and charm.  The Vera Wang range uses the highest quality materials available. The primary wedding collection consists of more than 80 invitation styles only some of which are shown here in our website, call today to see the full collection and design options available.  See our Vera Wang wedding-invitations page for more details.